feet in the air head on the ground. remaining unclassified and (relatively) untamed. sprightly wit. Late nights, long drives, poetry. INCOMPLETE and loose ends. The inextricable. the hell in hello and goodbye in more. nights out and in movies. psychomachy endless. staying in bed just because you can (when you really can't) road raging, free dancing. obvious weaknesses-and Inevitably backtracking. writing letters I never send. history channel at 5am (not so distant) memories suspended in peripheral vision. feckless and reckless. one-liners. tightly holding on and letting go lightly. unannounced party fleeing. metaphorical diving headlong into pools that you know are too shallow and you're Likely to crash and burn, it might hurt, but I do it anyway. absolutely bizarre dreams concerning unstable bridges, free falling airplanes, war flashbacks and hiding from the natives. Deja vous. Now and then, I make sense. the disappearing act (not from the party). details. always details. inherently detailed. coruscating smiles (yours, not mine). Resting between the lines and the fine prints come to life. brothers, sisters. Family. oh and writing my own ending.


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